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The significance of 21 days is based on the age-old belief that it takes at least 21 days of repeated performance to build a habit. Initially habits are a bit challenging to form but with consistency it becomes a part of your DNA. This was exactly our idea behind introducing the 21 days fitness workout challenge. It happens to all of us where we try to ease into an exercise plan, but are not quite sure where to begin. Well, that’s because we lack the motivation to remain disciplined. Our 21 days dance workout program is an initiative to cultivate healthy habits that will hit every major muscle group in your body.

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Week 1
First week is all about introducing your body to this weight loss challenge. Our full body exercises focus on fat burning, high intensity interval training, and lower body strength training.
Week 2
Your body should now be used to the routine. Now all you need is to push yourself a little more. Step up to 40 minutes of high intensity, dance based cardio with our online fitness workout classes.
Week 3
Dance, Jump, Kick, and Sway your way to a happier and healthier life with our easy to follow moves. The presence of both low impact and high impact dance routines make it easy for every learner to learn with ease.
Things you need, to get rid of the fat you don’t need
One of the major benefits of our 21 days fitness challenge is that you get a full body workout at home. Both the motive and key is to create a healthy habit and stick to it. The foundation of any successful body transformation is to start small and increase the intensity later.
Let’s hop on to the things that you need to begin the challenge
Start your journey with positivity and a happy mindset
Wear comfortable clothes because you are going to sweat a lot
Since you are going to sweat a lot, a bottle of water is advisable to stay hydrated
Of Course a towel to wipe all that workout sweat
Now to treat and heal your body after an intense workout, protein filled snack are a must
Training Videos
Learn the art of Staying Fit
Ucanji’s dance and fitness workout classes are here to take you on a body and life transformation journey. Our 21 days fitness challenge lets you embrace fitness as a way of life, for you to create a stronger, happier and healthier life through fitness. If you dedicatedly follow our comprehensive bodyweight workout sessions you are guaranteed to lose 200-300 calories with every class. Each class starts with some fun warm up exercises. Our lead and follow dance workout sessions make it easy for everyone to get a hang of the movements and follow.
Ucanji beyond fitness challenge
India’s leading online dance learning platform Ucanji is the treasure trove of different dance forms. It is in fact the melting pot of all dance styles – Indian Classical, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Balet, Belly Dance, Bhangra, Contemporary etc, there is so much to explore from. So once you are all geared up from our fitness workout classes, you can dance along the tune of other styles.
Make fitness your passion and let it be part of your life!
You can sign up to our fitness workouts classes anytime, and you will have access to weight loss exercises at home only for INR 99/-.
If you are fully committed to our 21 days fitness challenge, you can lose 200-300 calories with every class.
Exercises that burn the most calories need to be followed by a healthy diet. Although no food items are off the table, it’s always good to include healthy meals for best results.
Our online fitness and dance training workouts take just 25-30 minutes.
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